A Troll's Guide to the Exploding Universe


Oklahoma defeats WVU

Oregon State defeats Cal

Stanford defeats Oregon

Baylor defeats Kansas State.


Ohio State, Notre Dame

1 loss:

Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kansas State, Oregon, Florida State, Clemson, Louisville, Rutgers

2 losses:

Texas A&M, Stanford, LSU, South Carolina, UCLA, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas, Oregon State

Universes Exploded: 8

1) Notre Dame is BCS #1; echoes are awakened loudly and in everyone's face.

2) Alabama is BCS #2: ESS EEE CEEE

3) Georgia: Mark Richt loses control of not controlling his own BCS Destiny.

4) Kansas State: Bye bye national championship.

5) Oregon: Ditto, also wave goodbye to the Rose Bowl.

6) Stanford: Just two UCLA beatings away from the Rose Bowl.

7) FSU & 8) Clemson, Still not in the top 10 despite being 1-loss teams.

Thursday November 22

Texas defeats TCU

Universes exploded: 1

1) Texas A&M, just cause something good happened to Texas and they don't like that.

Friday November 23

Nebraska defeats Iowa

LSU defeats Arkansas

Universes exploded: 0

RB ACL's exploded: 0, Iowa is out of RBs.

Saturday November 24 (all times PST because troll)


Ohio State defeats Michigan

Georgia defeats Georgia Tech

Louisville defeats UConn

Pitt defeats Rutgers


Auburn defeats Alabama

FSU defeats Florida

Oklahoma defeats Oklahoma State


Texas A&M defeats Mizzouri

South Carolina defeats Clemson


USC defeats Notre Dame


Stanford defeats UCLA

Oregon State defeats Oregon


Ohio State

1 loss:

Notre Dame, Georgia, Kansas State, Florida State, Louisville,

Universes exploded: 15

1) Ohio State: It's like being the only undefeated team, in a probation year...and isn't it ironic, don't you think.

2) Michigan: Fire Hoke!

3) Oregon: Fire Kelly!

4) Oregon State: LOLDucks

5) Notre Dame: Blowing your BCS title shot, losing to your hated rival. All the sadness

6) Alabama: Same as Notre Dame, but instead of 1500 miles of distance between you and your rival, no distance. Trees will be harmed.

7) Auburn: WAR DAMN EAGLE.

8) Georgia: BCS #1 and a date against TAMU instead of Alabama, everything's coming up Georgia.

9) Georgia Tech: Plans to find an alternative universe where Tech can beat the Dawgs.

10) FSU: Beat Florida and we're still not in the top 5? We need a playoff...gets response that only 4 teams would get in and none of those teams would be FSU...head explodes.

11) TAMU: Going to the SEC Championship game, instead focuses on what the score would be if they played Texas.

12) Clemson: All that talent, still can't beat the OBC

13) Louisville: Big East Championship in sight, 3 million pizzas.

14) Rutgers: How are we going to compete in the B1G if we can't beat a future ACC team like Pitt. Yea Conference Realignment sucks.

15) Florida: Waits on curb for Urban to come back from the store, he never does.

Thursday November 29

Rutgers defeats Louisville

Universes Exploded: 3

1) Rutgers: Big East Champs....Jersey Shore going to South Beach

2) Louisville: No free Pizzas for anyone

3) Everyone who has to suffer through 2 more years of Automatic BCS bid for the Big East.

Saturday December 1

Texas defeats KSU

TAMU defeats Georgia

Oklahoma defeats TCU

UCLA defeats Stanford

Oregon State defeats Nichols State

Universes Exploded: 11

1) Georgia: Duff'd it

2) SEC: How a Big 12 team with a freshman QB became your overlords.

3) Stanford: Duff'd it

4) UCLA: Rose Bowl!!!!! (fails to sell out ticket allotment)

5) Louisville: No free Pizzas for anyone

6) KSU: all the sadness

7) Oklahoma: Plays boomer sooner wins the Big 12

8) Undefeated Ohio State: gets Tattoo to commemorate 2012 undefeated season, isn't it ironic, don't you think

9) FSU: Nope, stop telling us how impressive NC State is.

10) Notre Dame: Reawaken them Echoes

11) TAMU: See Texas, look at how much fun we're having without you, (buys up every billboard in Austin)


Ohio State

1 loss:

Notre Dame, FSU,

2 losses:

UGA, KSU, TAMU, Florida, Oregon, Bama, Sakerlina, LSU, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Oregon State, Clemson, Texas, Louisville

National Championship

#1) 11-1 Notre Dame vs #2 11-2 SEC Champion Texas A&M

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