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ABOUT COMPLETE SCOUTING SERVICES: Ask any fan or media member even remotely familiar with or responsible for football and basketball recruiting coverage and the first name that will come to mind is Rivals Complete Scouting Services. There are several reasons why that is the case. Rivals CSS was the first online company to put such a heavy emphasis and value on football and basketball recruiting. The rest is history. Period.

2010 Player Profiles


At 228 pounds, Bill Christie of Plano, TX reminds railbirds of Chris Long. He is surprisingly fast and aggressive for his large size. Bill projects as a great defensive end at the next level, especially against the run.


Close followers of District 7-AA are piling lots of praise on Poly Parrot's tough ground game. One of their toughest backs is senior James Woodman Jr. At 163 pounds, he projects as a power back at the collegiate level. Poly runs out of the T-formation, which is why Oregon needs to be sure he signs with them.


Woodman Jr's experience in the T-formation is invaluable. It should allow him to transition seamlessly into the college game.


Similar to the T-formation, versatility is also become a necessity in modern college football. That's exactly what Tony Tainrevich brings to the table. He can hit hard like a safety, snatch passes like a receiver, and he is also one of Fort Worth's best softball pitchers. He can even return kickoffs and punts.


Now, clearly I don't need to emphasize his vision and speed, but note that this return sealed victory for his team. Tainrevich is a winner.


Big Warren Cone has all the reason in the world to be striking the Heisman pose. He has dazzled scouts and given coaches nightmares all year. On top of his arm strength, precise footwork, and tremendous vision, Cohn is also a tremendous human being. He fulfilled the request of his father to refrain from playing until he was large enough to not get hurt, and he spends much of his time studying the strategy of his opponents, and is particularly fond of his biology classes.


Oregon has made a name for itself with its innovation. Whether it is the spread run game or its uniforms, it seems to always be ahead of the curve. Henry Hankins is a 195 pound center from Austin, TX, and he appears to be the perfect player to keep Oregon on the cutting edge. Here's why:


Notice the subtle shift from the norm? Here's a different view.


Notice the direction he is going to snap the ball. Now, some might say that young Hankins is lined up the wrong way, but I think he might just be ahead of everyone with this idea. An all too important part of today's college game is "branding," and while Oregon has gone out of it's way to do so with its uniform and color schemes, Henry Hankins provides yet another avenue from which to develop the Oregon brand. Blue turf? Fuck blue turf. You're Oregon. YOU'RE CHANGING THE RULES OF FOOTBALL. That is, if you sign him.


Chris Castleberry is a young back out of Waco. Through 8 games this season, he has scored 90 points. He is so good that, for competitive reasons, his coach can only play him for one quarter a game.


Such a combination of speed, vision, and cutting ability hasn't been seen since Barry Sanders. Castleberry is a perfect fit for Oregon's spread running attack.


Nacona High boasts the largest player in the state of Texas. Giant "Blubber" Arnold weighs in around 285 pounds. Here he is seen supporting two of teammates. Some red flags pop up around Arnold. Not only will he battle with weight at the next level (he ate the boy to the right immediatley after this photo was taken), but he has also been prone to bursts of anger and rage, especially after his team has been defeated. He would certainly benefit from a year of prep school.

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