Why I am convinced that the NBA is becoming Pro Wrestling

Consider the evidence:

1) NBA players get more face time with media between games than with other sports. Why? Because they say stupid shit. You see Tom Brady in an extended interview before the Super Bowl, Albert Pujols talking about his contract before the MLB regular season starts. But the spots are short. The player says pretty much what we expect them to say. Never, never, never, would any other athlete say something like this: "I've kind of accepted this villain role everyone has placed on me, and I'm OK with it,'' James said here. You know, unless he was talking about facing the Hulkster in WrestleMania 5 (RIP Super MM).

It's kind of always been that way too. Wilt Chamberlain wrote an entire biography because the media cycle was just not fast enough to reveal all the stupid shit about him that he was so desperate to put into the public domain. Not all NBA players do this, but many do (Malone, Barkley come to mind).

2) Ron Artest vs. Pistons fans. Hmm, where have I seen that before. At least Artest did not hit a female, I am looking at you Chris Jericho.


3) Chris Bosh lobbying for All Star Votes = WWE pre-match hype. To be fair, Bosh has a whole YouTube channel, but desperation for exposure only adds weight to my case.

4) I recently read a story on the mindless 4-letter sports megasite about how Kobe was not consulted in the hiring of Mike Brown. Seriously? Did Jerry Jones sit down with Tony Romo before he let Wade Phillips go? Did the Pittsburgh Penguins consult Crosby when they let Therrien go and hired Bylsma? You get the picture, even with the obscure hockey reference. No matter how big the star in other sports, the closest thing you get to that kind of drama is the relationship between Atlanta Falcons Owner Arthur Blank and Michael Vick. It's almost like the media thinks that Kobe Bryant owns the Lakers.

5) Refs gambling and fixing games. No need to elaborate here.

I could go on, but you get the point. Sure, other sports have off the field drama. The NFL is notorious for this with PacMan, Plaxico, Tank Johnson, etc. But it rarely carries over to the field. Right now, Ochocinco and Rex Ryan are the pro-wrestlers of pro-football, a tiny minority, and hopefully a dying breed - but most things are away from the game. But in the game? Soccer has diving, baseball has the Yankees, and apparently hockey now has biting. But in none of these other sports is the drama so central, so overblown, so manufactured, nor such an important part of the main event, except in Pro Wrestling. Watch the video of Blake Griffin in his final dunk of the slam dunk contest. Listen to the announcers try to legitimize the event (there is a chance that this was as fixed as Wrestlemania 5. To be fair, it's called 'Slam Dunk Exhibition', but couldn't you call any Professional Wrestling Match a 'Professional Wrestling Exhibition'?). Then listen to the announcer in this video. You cannot argue with the parallels. I wonder who will take over for NBA commissioner David Stern when he retires. I hear that Vince McMahon has recovered from his coma. 

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