Death of the Big12 changes the face of college football



I predict that Division 1-A college football will begin to look very different over the course of the next couple of seasons. The Big10 and SEC will begin picking apart the Big12. The SEC will first extend offers to Oklahoma, Texas, and Texas A&M. Texas will be unhappy with the SEC's offer, yet seeing the end of the Big12 temporarily joins Notre Dame and BYU in football independence, until the BCS bans the practice. At this Notre Dame will sign with the Big10, and Texas will sign with the the Pac 12, who will round out it's lineup with BYU, TCU, and Boise State. After the Big East loses TCU, the ACC will jump in to lure the remaining top four programs away from the Big East, who will in turn restock its lineup by grabbing the best schools from the Sunbelt, C-USA, and MAC. Texas Tech and Baylor, who were left out of the Big12 grab'em-up, will receive an invitation from the MWC, but both schools will turn it down because without Boise State, TCU, BYU, or Utah the MWC will no longer look all that appealing. Texas Tech and Baylor will instead join together to sponsor a new Division 1-A conference comprised entirely of Texas based Div 1-A schools, as well as one or two Div 1-AA schools. The MWC out of desperation to avoid irrelevance after the recent loses of TCU, Utah, BYU, and Boise State will extend offers to several WAC and Big Sky schools. The Texas schools leave the WAC for the newly formed Tex8/10 Conference. The WAC ceases to sponsor football and adds several non-football schools to become a basketball conference. Once all the dust has settled the new conference structure will look something like the following:

Big10 will add: Notre Dame, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa State to make it 16.

SEC will add: Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Kansas State to make it 16.

Pac12 will add: Texas, BYU, TCU, Boise State to make it 16.

ACC will add: West Virginia, Rutgers, Syracuse, Pittsburgh to make it 16.

Big East will add: Villanova, and at least three and up seven schools from other conferences to make it 8-12. Maybe even try to add eleven and make it to 16.

MWC will add: Utah State, Idaho, Idaho State, Montana, Montana State, Portland State, and San Jose State to make it 16.

Tex8/10 will be: Texas Tech, Baylor, Rice, SMU, Houston, Texas State, and possibly two, four, or all of the following- UTEP, UTSA, North Texas, Texas Southern, Sam Houston State, Lamar

WAC will lose: Utah State, Idaho, and San Jose State to the MWC. LA Tech and New Mexico State will go to C-USA. WAC will effectively cease to sponsor football. WAC will add several other non-football schools to existing Seattle and Denver to become a basketball conference.

The Sunbelt, C-USA, and MAC, having lost 16 schools to the Big East and Tex8/10, and only adding two: LA Tech and New Mexico State, will probably be forced to reorganize or merge in order survive.

Big Sky will lose: Montana, Montana State, Idaho State, Portland State to the MWC. North Dakota will leave for the Missouri Valley Conference. The Big Sky, now left with nine schools, will invite at least one, if not up to three Division 2 schools, possibly including any of the following: Central Washington, Humboldt State, Western Oregon, and CMU (Colorado Mesa; not to be confused with Central Michigan or Carnegie Mellon).

And there you go. College football as we know it will be changed for forver, or at least until the following season, when they restructure all over again. The Big East will be folded into the Big10 and ACC. ACC and SEC swap teams. The Pac16 gobbles up the MWC. Then the big split happens and they all break up. Finally we return to the good old days when there were six or eight teams in very regional conferences and the national title did not matter. Texas once again cares more that they stomped Oklahoma's butt into the prairie, than they are that they beat some school known as USC 2,000 miles away into that little ocean called the Pacific. Once again Ohio State and Michigan only care about bashing the crap out of each other and could give hoot about some reptile down in sunny south Florida. Aww. The good old days of college football where Boise State kicked Idaho's keester and that made their year. Not finally getting national attention from the rednecks down in Alabama. Will it ever happen again? I hope so, but probably not. There is just too much money involved. More than likely the NFL will fold and CFB will go "pro". Again just like in the good old days when college ball was the pinnacle of your career and only those who couldn't earn a degree, grow up, and go on to get a real job played "professional" football. Awww. **sip some ice cold lemonade and watch the corn grow in Iowa, where they don't care about hunting Ducks up near Alaska somewhere. They prefer to hunt Tigers down on the Missouri.**

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