Slappypuck Game 7 Thread

Tonight features the final open thread we'll be able to have for hockey for a while, as the Bahstin Brooins face off against de Vancoohver Canucks up der in Vancouver for the Stanley Cup. Never been all that interested in hockey, but want to watch tonight because you realize tonight is something important? No problem! Here's a quick primer to get you started:

Violence! This has been an incredibly physical matchup, and at some points pretty brutal, and often leading to some nasty fights. So, if you like sweaty and bearded -- and sometimes bloodied -- men beating the snot out of each other, this game should be exciting. These two teams have been beating on each other for the last week and a half, and now this is the last chance they have to win the greatest trophy in all of professional sports.

LOLuongo! One quick look at the scores of the last six games will explain where this nickname for Vancouver's star goalie comes from:

Game 1: Vancouver 1, Boston 0 (at Vancouver)

Game 2: Vancouver 3, Boston 2 (at Vancouver, OT win)

Game 3: Vancouver 1, Boston 8 (at Boston)

Game 4: Vancouver 0, Boston 4 (at Boston)

Game 5: Vancouver 1, Boston 0 (at Vancouver)

Game 6: Vancouver 2, Boston 5 (at Boston)

Luongo was pulled partway through Game 6, which could possibly be theorized as to the reason why Boston did not make the score even more out of reach than it already was. Why, exactly, Luongo has struggled so much in Boston is anybody's guess, but luck is in his favor, as tonight he's back in Vancouver. His record in Vancouver is respectable, if nothing else.

Canada vs USA! Do you like international competitions? Do you like waving the American flag and chanting "USA! USA! USA!" after we've won a sporting event? Do you just hate Canadians? If you answered "YES!" to any of these questions, tonight's game is for you! The most unfortunate part is that, should you choose to root for America, you must side with Boston. As such, you will find many of the commentariat rooting for Canada.

Drinking recommendations? For me, tonight is about hockey, first and foremost, and the taste of hockey is a cool glass of Molson Canadian lager. Some might argue the taste of hockey is Labatt, but they're wrong. Drinking this shows your support for Vancouver, Canada, and hockey in general. If you want a more pro-Bahstin drink, I suppose there's always the widely distributed Samuel Adams lineup.


The game starts at 8 PM EST. GO VANCOUVER! FUCK BOSTON!

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