The CWS and You

Hello All,

Figured some of you would appreciate a guide to this year’s College World Series (especially since Dear Leader’s school is making the trip yet again).  Also, since I work just a block away from the new downtown stadium I felt compelled to give some insider tips and tricks on how to make the most of a trip to TD Ameritrade Park as well as other venues in and around Omaha.

If you ever have made the trip to the CWS before (at the ‘Blatt) you probably had an excellent time with good food, good people, and great games.  Well, this year’s CWS promises to be just that only in a new locale in a shiny new complex.  Also, being located closer to downtown Omaha you’ll be closer to more areas of interest (like drinking, dancing, and just plain making a fool of yourself). 

Here is some helpful information:


When:  6/18/11 (Saturday) till 6/28 or 6/29 (if necessary)


Where:  TD Ameritrade Park


Located on 1200 Mike Fahey Street in the rapidly developing North Downtown district of Omaha.  Located within 3.5 miles of the airport and walking distance to downtown Omaha/The Old Market district.  The event is run by College World Series of Omaha which on the website will provide details on tickets, events, rules/regulations, and any other FAQ you may have on the CWS.


Insider Tips:


Parking – This will be a new experience for both Omahans and out-of-towners alike.  If you’ve been to the CWS before you’ll know that parking was kind of quirky at Rosenblatt.  Well, this time around I would imagine it to be more structured but still chaotic since this is a new adventure for everyone involved. 


Most of the streets around TD Ameritrade Park (as well as Downtown) are metered so if your early enough you could find a sweet spot a short distance away from the ball field.  The meters around my work are 10hr ones that go from 8:30am – 5:00pm (off on weekends) so I’m assuming most of the meters work on that parameter but check first to be safe. 


If those are full there are lots of parking garages/lots around as well.  Here is a good map of those between the park and downtown.  They range from $8 to $30(!) and aren’t too much of a walk away.  There is also parking available on Creighton’s campus which is just a few blocks to the west.  Map is here.  During the weekend there are going to be more spots available then the work week so if you are going to be around M-F be sure to get there early.  Note:  just because a lot is empty it may not be okay to park there and be sure the lot you choose is legit before parking.       


If you want to be closer to the nightlife after the game I’d suggest parking in the Downtown / Old Market District and using the Stadium Circulator which connects the stadium with downtown hotels, public parking, the Old Market and other attractions.  There is also the Stadium Express which will pick people up at Westroads Mall, Crossroads Mall, 120th and L Streets, and at locations in Bellevue, and Council Bluffs.

Midtown Crossing will also have a shuttle service from about 31st and Farnam Streets.


Driving Around:


Expect the areas around TD Ameritrade Park and Downtown to be packed with cars, pedestrians, and what have you so be careful.  ProTip:  If at all possible avoid Cuming Street (not a typo) and take alternate routes to get to and from the stadium.




If your lucky enough to get a TD Ameritrade/Qwest Center parking space be sure to follow all the rules here.  There are also proposed beer gardens and other amenities surrounding the grounds of the stadium and more will be posted on those when more information is available. 


To do in Omaha: 


Aside from the CWS event and downtown festivities be sure to check out the Henry Doorly Zoo (near the old Rosenblatt Stadium), The Durham Museum, and the ridiculous amounts of golf courses around the city.  Also see saxattack29’s post on what to do in the Big O.   


Anything I left out?  Want more information? 

Add it to the comments and Fuck Clemson (seriously Connecticut? WTF?)

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