It's a long offseason, and, well I'm interested to what y'all are listening to, or looking at (music and art thread)

Hi y'all,

 it is indeed a long offseason, and I have some downtime waiting for some revisions from my boss, so I figured I'd ask what y'all are listening too/ looking at in terms of music and art. I figure there could probably be a music post alone, but I'm not sure if art could stand on its own, so I'm putting it in here. 

For me, I picked up the new Kanye album, but I've been listening a ton to Aesop Rock and Brother Ali. Brother Ali is a Midwestern guy who came up through the Minneapolis indie rap scene (you're going to find that a common theme- I love indie rap. LOVE IT). He writes challenging, thoughtful stuff, not much I agree with politically, but really clever and engaging. 

Brother Ali - Forest Whitiker (via Jimmedim)

While we're on indie rap, I've always listened to Aesop Rock. He has another project out that's kind of off the wall, but I like it, called Hail Mary Mallon. If you live above the Mason Dixon line, he might show up in your college town (AESOP ROCK WHY YOU NO SCHEDULE ATLANTA?). He raps at a lightning quick pace, and, like before, is a pretty good poet though he trends toward the absurdist side. Check it out:

Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass (via orchardmusic)

I guess if we're talking about, you know, other music, I just got some big speakers and have been playing a good bit of "Chasing Shadows." I like dubstep, and the mix of Ill is pretty sweet

Chasing Shadows - ILL (dubstep) (via brennig2)

On the softer side of things, I've been listening to a good bit of Jose Gonzalez. He's a classically trained guitarist who plays some really sweet folkish stuff. He also does trip hop covers, like so:

José González - 'Teardrop' (via ImperialRecordings)

So hey, that's pretty cool. Dude is really good live as well.


In terms of art. the Venice Biennale is featuring the work of some friends of mine, my art professor Ryan O'Malley and his merry band of pranksters. We hung out a fair amount when I was in college, and I really like the rogue fringe of American print making.



These guys, along with others spread across the south, are really informing the artistic language of contemporary America, and while you see a lot of what they do adopted by marketing and ad agencies, it's nice to see them get some recognition. 

Go ahead and chime in with what you're listening to or looking at below (within reason. Please link it and let it be known if it doesn't fall under the guidelines of the site). Personally, I'm looking for some good plugged in stuff- similar to Queens of the Stone Age and their ilk. 

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