Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are at the last regular season week for Stupid Upset Picks. I know, I know, I hear the cries of "I want to pick the Army-Navy game!" However, that is the only game next week, meaning that everyone would pick the underdog, and then everyone would score the same number of points. As such, there will be NO picks for the Army-Navy game, and this will be the last week of the regular season.

HAVE NO FEAR, though - There will be two(2) bowl game picks, which I will post once the bowl game announcements are made. A note for those of you working out end-of-season strategies: Bowl games often do not have large spreads, so take that into consideration with any hopes you have of catching the leaders.

The standings, after last weekend's games, are as follows:


Player Score
VUfainInNJ 66
Erik T 59
East Coast Ute 55.5
Ardbeg 53.5
cdavis627 53
SpartanDan 53
ben_in_dc 50.5
jokastrength 48.5
Leavitt Town 48
jonfmorse 43
broski 42.5
hamdenhusky 42.5
MikeLew 42.5
smk73 42.5
ConnorOSU 41.5
purwho 41
Jack Fact 39
Jon Berg 34.5
CoastalCowbell 34
gtne91 33.5
acfoxboiler 32
allicolls 32
AZHighwaysHokie 32
Grizzly_Adams 32
Tom_Kazansky 32
jwolf0 31
The Pylon That Relfed 30.5
ATLRedRaider 30
MightyMightyMitzu 26.5
SC_Ute 26.5
Bus Crasher 24.5
HorsePig55 23.5
RjTheMetalhead 21.5
WVPiratesfan 20.5
texwestern 20
orangemocha 18.5
never_go_full_dabo 17.5
ScreaminOwl 17.5
Socrates Johnson 17.5
Specter177 17.5
saxattack29 15.5
slims 15.5
TheAVA 15.5
drothgery 14
Dabolicious 13.5
Big Jon 13
Jevan Snead's Agent 12
MtnEer_in_SC 12
Nick Petrilli 11.5
BSU_Hoke 11
AlabamaJammer 10.5
check703301 10
CockNDallas 10
JoeDawg15 10
smitty24 10
SEC Supremacist 9.5 9.5
UGAVike 9.5
Mc Commish 9
clarett-phillips trophy 7.5
little red corvette 7
SuperJew 7
The Commenter Formerly Known as Not You 7
Oscar Whiskey 6.5
ClarkusKentus 5.5
kadoogan 5
TexaninNYC 5

And, there aren't a ton of games this week, but there are still some that are worth your picks, listed below.


Favorite Spread Underdog
Thurs., Dec. 1st
W. Virginia 1 S FLORIDA
Fri., Dec. 2nd
N. Illinois 4 OHIO
OREGON 31.5 Ucla
Sat., Dec. 3rd
Virginia Tech 8 Clemson
CINCINNATI 10 Connecticut
SAN DIEGO ST 7.5 Fresno St.
Lsu 13 Georgia
Byu 7.5 HAWAII
NEVADA 20 Idaho
KANSAS ST 10.5 Iowa St.
Wisconsin 9 Michigan St.
N TEXAS 5.5 Mid. Tenn. St.
Utah St. 13.5 NEW MEX ST
BOISE ST 48.5 New Mexico
OKLAHOMA ST 3.5 Oklahoma
HOUSTON 13 Southern Miss.
PITTSBURGH 10.5 Syracuse
BAYLOR 2.5 Texas
TCU 38.5 Unlv

I'm taking (Fuck) Clemson to beat Virginia Tech, and I don't know why.

Good luck, and happy picking!

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