It's Meltdown Time (REMIX SON)

Sorry kids not everyone can run a tight ship.

I think the anti-moral to this story is: cheat, lie, deny, and don't cooperate with NZAA. The good news is *ubern just laid out the blue print for all college sports on how to get away with cheating. Any school that complies with the NZAA is doing so to their own detriment.

I have to say the NCAA has now shown itself to be a completely useless organization.
Time to disband them and start over.

It appears the OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony of college football has once again skated! There is absolutely no justice in this world and the NCAA has no business punishing any program now that they allowed the most corrupt program in America to slither away once again untouched.

Once again, *ubarn finds themselves paid up with the right people. This is beyond ridiculous, but I'm not even shocked.

You can bank on this happening...

10 years from now, $cam will come forward and admit he was paid. By then, then NCAA won't care. This is EXACTLY what is going to happen.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - AU's compliance dept is the national champion of compliance departments for the past season. 

I know AU "all clear" on Cam & HBO4. If AU ultimately labeled all clear on Reed/Robinson, Big Cat, Tiger Prowl, and Therezie then they are a compliance dynasty. 

Give everyone in compliance a bonus tonight!

This scares me, because it makes me think Obama could get re-elected.

patience!!  Two weeks!   Lowder.  Milton.  FBI rolleyes

Look for the cheating errr recruiting to just amp up from this point flushed

I gotta tell you..Someone from the barn has paid the NCAA for a cover up...Look what happen in the cam eligibility thing ..he was declared ineligible and eligible in 24 one player that has been cleared that fast by the NCAA....Name one thing that the NCAA has done in 24 hours... Since 1955 every Auburn coach has either been caught for cheating, got fired for trying to stop the cheating or are under investigation for cheating. Also every Auburn fan idolizes these coaches that have cheated so much that they named their stadium and field after them.


For everyone yelling how did this happen I have two words ... Mark Emmert

The NoClueAthleticAssocition just opened the door for any team to buy players. Pitiful.

All the Barners here in the office are celebrating. This is truly sickening.

There IS a way to get away with cheating allegations and Auburn has provided that blueprint. What a dubious distinction! But, that's the Barn. They're the masters of dubious distinction. They should really be proud.

About as innocent as OJ and Casey Anthony

They skate as usual. Too mad to comment more right now.

No burden of proof, and yet we got hammered in 2001. Unbelievable.

Wow, *U will now go on a cheating spree the likes of which we've never seen before.

As long as Troopah is there, the entire institution is making a deal with the devil.

Yella Fella covers his tracks, no doubt.

To all good recruits. Have your parents solicit the money and then deny all knowledge... 
way to go $cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers

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