Worst Tangentially Related Sports Video Thus Far (poll)

My God, this off season has revealed a plethora of videos showing the absolute worst our species has to offer. From the inane to the eyeball bleeding, it is time we must come to a consensus on who reigns supreme on the altar of humiliation. The videos and a brief description are after the jump.


As this fanpost was sparked by the...thing...that is Notre Dame's prep video, I think this is a good place to start.

Every time I see it, it gets worse. Perhaps the worst part about it is the justification by the creator of the video. Faculty Member, Ted Mandell, stated this:

The video screened at the O.S.C.A.R.S. Wednesday April 28. The student athletes loved it. Fresh, funky….different.

It’s not a recruiting tool. Not a contrived, underground marketing attempt to make ND look hip. Just a fun video shown at a student athlete banquet.

It’s freekin’ Freekbass.

It almost implies a "Need I say more?" tone. Well, Ted. Yes. You have a lot to answer for on this one.

It's like an infinite loop of absolute shit. It can only be broken by one thing. Another embarrassing moment.

Ah yes, the proud tradition of the Nittany Lions. The home of the coach with the most wins in college football. Penn State has a proud tradition stretching back decades. Of course, this history means fairly little to tailgating fans as they decide to show off their singing chops to "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus.

You can say what you want about them being "drunk" and not knowing any better. The fact they begin to coordinate to the song past the :35 second mark makes me thing there's no excuse that's suitable to forgive this display. You may notice that in the break down you can hear more voices than the people on the tailgate. This implicates more people, off camera, partaking in this "activity." Further, at :49 seconds, you can tell that guy knows he's fucked. JoPa would be turning in his grave if his automatronic heart had not been implanted successfully making him more machine than man now, twisted and evil.


Of course, the first two, while embarrassing to fans of both schools as fans of those schools took direct part in those videos, this last one can be placed purely on the ownership of the Marlins and the creator of a song written for the Marlins by Creed's own Scott Stapp. There are a lot of feelings music lovers associate with the name Scott Stapp and Creed. Namely, disgust. As Scott Stapp would say disguhuughughughughuuuuust. Keep in mind, this can not be unheard.


So who takes this one down?


You may submit videos of embarrassing displays as well. The criteria are as follows:

1. It is directly affiliated with the organization it supports


2. It is the action of more than 15 fans partaking in behavior that makes your soul die a little.

FanPosts are user-submitted, and thus NOT representative of EDSBS editorial or any of our opinions unless posted by us ourselves. Please refrain from posting blatant spam or self-promotion, because this makes us hate you. Thanks!

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