Taste of the Town [EDSBS Version (the better version)]

So this week's Digital Viking got me thinking (as it does every week.) This time, however, it got me thinking about the food I no longer get in Florida that I got in California (In-N-Out burger.) I'm looking to do some traveling this football season now that I've completed my engineering degree, and I'm moving into the jello shot land of the Business School. I figured this should be made to all of our benefit though no matter what conference you're a part of. Chances are someone on here will be visiting your town, and I believe we should all take part in delicious deliciousness.

For this reason, I would like you guys to tell us all the best places to eat in the town/city/megalopolis that your favorite team plays at. Why? The taste of the town thing on ESPN is garbage. I remember when they came to Gainesville, and they said Ballyhoo was the taste of the town. Bullshit. They just serve mediocre Americana with an OK bananas foster.

I have divided it into four categories to meet the needs of the traveling EDSBS viking.



If you're coming to Gainesville, Liquid Ginger in downtown Gainesville has the best Lunch Menu at the best prices you can find. It's an upscale pan Asian fusion place with 8-10 dollar entrees for lunch. Local Hint: Ask nicely if they have ice cream and you'll get some for free.



As far as steak goes, we have Mark's US Prime that is basically the Ruth's Chris kind of place in Gainesville. Personally, I find those places hilariously overpriced for what any man should be able to do with a grill, but it's an option for you people who know who you are. I'd rather have something I can't do myself, so I'd recommend trying out Sawamura's Japanese steakhouse for some hibachi grilled meat.


Fast Food:

Chik-fil-A on University. They do chicken primarily, but god damn is it good in the mouth. It's closed on Sundays because they're religious fundamentalists, but whatever.

Update: Apparently Epictetus doesn't believe that Chik-Fil A really isn't that well known of outside the south east, so I'll add to this one.

For quick, cheap food that's near the University, Leonardo's on 13th and University and Pita Pit, nearly directly across from the stadium are options. They are seriously mobbed to death though as they're really just able to handle the average fall or spring semester load. There is a place called El Toro that's a little past University on 13th that's drive through, and because it's past 13th, most visitors aren't super aware of it. Unfortunately, it's on the wrong side of the stadium, so you should expect to wait in traffic for about 4 hours if you go there after a game.


Tailgate food and ingredients:

This is a no brainer. Ward's Supermarket. Local ingredients and products. Organic and grass and corn fed meat without the ridiculous price. Lots of prepared slow cooked BBQ type food as well. Tons of local fruits and shit to make your daiquiris out of.


Your turn. I expect you LSU folks to deliver...

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