This week's Blogpoll ballot follows in all of its erroneous disaster. You're damn right we voted Oklahoma number one. What? WHAT? Notes follow.

Rank Team Delta
1 Oklahoma 2
2 Georgia --
3 Southern Cal 2
4 Florida --
5 Penn State 21
6 Missouri 4
7 Ohio State 2
8 East Carolina 18
9 Kansas 7
10 Wisconsin 8
11 LSU 5
12 Wake Forest 1
13 Texas 6
14 Oregon 3
15 Alabama 3
16 Auburn 7
17 Arizona State 2
18 Texas Tech 4
19 South Florida 6
20 Fresno State 6
21 West Virginia 13
22 Brigham Young 3
23 Georgia Tech 3
24 Oklahoma State 2
25 Illinois 1

Dropped Out: UCLA (#20), Connecticut (#21), Utah (#22), Clemson (#23), South Carolina (#25).

Overall tack: in the wind, losing sight of land. This week's poll is a naked, unhidden, and biased embrace of power polling. USC sits on its hands? Well, we moved UGA down for playing cupcakes while boosting USC, no? Okay, then move 'em back up while Pete Carroll figures out a way to top Neuheisel landing to meet recruits in his BeautifulUnicornCopter.

Oklahoma gets the one spot for looking buck nasty and heartily dismantling Cincinnati, a team just a few hairs better than the Central Michigan team Knowshon leapt over single-handedly on Saturday. It's no huge insult to any of the teams, as they're all running neck and neck in our minds, especially since it should be clear to all involved that Virginia is a wretched shitheap of a team, and that USC's game against them should be read for minimal content value.

Point being: it's one week, there's no joy in being the king of carryover expectations, and you can only work with what you've got. Hinton's been doing it for years, and to a lesser extent, so will we. It's the only way a skeptical pollster should work in the first place after week one.

We save our insults for Ohio State, who will lose to any team that makes Todd Boeckman place himself in a position of effort. We. Do. Not. Trust. We crapped on Kansas for scheduling weakly, but at least Kansas salts the earth with their cupcakes. Ohio State let a MACrificial lamb (term copyright: Mark Hasty, Fanhouse) hang around deep into the fourth quarter, so there should be some minor consequences, like letting Florida leap ahead of you.

Beat non-schlmiels, get reward.We owed Kansas, so they bump up, and not just because commenter Pete Jayhawk gets hammered and then hammers us in comment threads for drinking bottles of corn syrup whole and disrespecting his beloved Jayhawks. At this point, they hold as much of a say in the Big 12's fate as anyone does. Their first crux comes Saturday against USF: someone's going somewhere in the next edition of the poll pending this outcome.

East Carolina. Well, yes. If we're talking resume voting, they get an absurd ranking even after sending men off the bench and trebuchet'ing tacklers in from the parking lot to tackle Pat White. At times it looked like they had a whole Andrew WK concert tackling him, just waves and waves of screaming lunatics heading White-ward.

Oddities: Disdain of teams with lackluster performances does create some logical inconsistencies. Fresno State bumping up because everyone else sucked? The whole state of Alabama dropping for uniform mediocrity this weekend? We'll just own up and admit that Oklahoma State's defense will scuttle any real chance they have of climbing above the mixed-use housing of the low 20s, but T. Boone paid us $500K to put him there. Swindle Industries: Honesty in Corruption.

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