The Blogpoll gets closer and closer to something resembling actual knowledge. We submit our draft for customer review. Give us constructive criticism and receive another blogpoll ballot tomorrow, plus an invitation to get a taste of Swindle Ass Ham, the connoisseur's meat of choice.

Clarifications, addenda, and further invitations to ass-kissing follow.

Rank Team Delta
1 LSU 1
2 Oregon 1
3 Oklahoma 2
4 Kansas --
5 West Virginia 2
6 Missouri --
7 Ohio State 6
8 Georgia 3
9 Arizona State --
10 Virginia Tech 3
11 Texas 4
12 Southern Cal --
13 Virginia 3
14 Clemson 4
15 Florida 4
16 Boise State 5
17 Tennessee 9
18 Illinois 8
19 Boston College 9
20 Cincinnati 6
21 Kentucky 5
22 Wisconsin 4
23 Connecticut 15
24 South Florida --
25 Brigham Young 1

Dropped Out: Michigan (#14), Auburn (#17), Florida State (#20), Alabama (#22), Penn State (#23), Arkansas (#25).

LSU gets the nod over Oregon because they are more talented and do not have the injuries at wideout and running back that the Ducks have. Oh, and Glenn Dorsey's a gravitational hole in the middle of the defense. We're trying to avoid pitting the two teams head to head and playing out the matchup in our heads simply because that's not what this is about at this point--it's about absolute value. LSU's just deeper across the board, and has played marginally tougher competition. It's a call on the margins, but we're making it. Disagreements may be lodged below; in return, see prior offer of ass ham.

Ohio State falls because tOSU still can't defend a spread offense with good to great talent working against its defense. (wa-HAIII!!! See that good to great modifier, motherfucker! Taking the Northwestern card right out of your hands. The lotus does not fight the wind, nor does the dragon fear fire! wa-HAIIII!!!) They're still very, very good, but they ain't peaking, and that will get you Black Diamond sailing downhill quickly at the end of the year.

Plus look at any of the teams above them and consider their level of play, the general trend, and their over all record: is Ohio State playing above any of them right now? We don't think so, and thus the nine spot for the Buckeyes.

You don't get anywhere in this conference without Chan Gailey's approval. The ACC teams are knotted up in the low teens, but the real deciding factor putting Virginia Tech at the Frank Beamer Event Horizon of the tenth rank (where Va Tech always seems to end up) is their flexilicious victory over FSU at home and the fact that they beat Georgia Tech, indicating that they are not potentially horrible. Virginia and Clemson both lost to the Tryptophan Man himself, Chan Gailey, meaning they can, from time to time, play horrible, horrible football.

Virginia Tech has only played one horrible game, and that was against this week's current number one.

Florida's below both of them because the secondary is still capable of bursting into flame at any instant. Do not stare directly at them, as intense attention may cause uncontrollable blazes that last for up to four hours. It's a liability that has been proven to be too much for even the touchdown-chomping Tebow Smash! attack to overcome.

The rest is a complete mess, but give Illinois some cuddles and another tip to BYU for winning their last six games by a combined score of 190-89. They'll beat the shit out of another hapless, unsuspecting bowl opponent this year UCLA, for example? That's got Karl Dorrell written all over it with Sharpie.

No Hawaii. If they beat Boise, we'll rank them. Until then, they're out.

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