The simple task of putting 25 teams into order without committing logic fouls of murderous proportions is still confounding us four weeks into the season. GOOOOOOO BRUINS!!!

Notes, apologies, and outright errors of gross incompetence follow.

Rank Team Delta
1 LSU --
2 Southern Cal --
3 Florida 2
4 Oklahoma 1
5 West Virginia 1
6 Oregon 2
7 Ohio State 8
8 California 2
9 Penn State 2
10 Rutgers --
11 Boston College 6
12 Texas 14
13 Wisconsin 2
14 South Carolina 2
15 Missouri 11
16 Clemson 3
17 South Florida 6
18 Georgia 4
19 Kentucky 7
20 Georgia Tech 11
21 Nebraska 7
22 UCLA 6
23 Arizona State 5
24 Alabama 2
25 Louisville 12

Dropped Out: Arkansas (#20), Tennessee (#21), Washington (#24), Hawaii (#25).

Notes, apologies, and outright errors of gross incompetence.

Your Chinese Jet Pilot Mistake of the Week. Leaving UCLA in anywhere near this poll, which we blame on incompetence, sheer incompetence, ma'am/sir. We're considering self-probationing ourselves for next week based on our continued gaffes, especially towards the teams at the bottom of the poll. We apologize for the error, and ask you to anticipate further mistakes in the future.

Florida bumps up. October 6th is the day at least two of the Forde's "Fearsome Foursome" fall flailing feetfirst for firmer terra: Florida plays LSU at home, and Oklahoma plays Texas in the Red River Shootout, whose politically incorrect name we will use until the day we die. Until then, given no serious changes across the board to USC/LSU/Florida's record, Oklahoma remains at four, having only played a weak Miami team at home and getting their first conference game against bird-flip-inducing Colorado.

Ohio State: no longer _hi_ State. Demonstrated offense gets them and their beareating defense into the top ten ahead of Wisconsin. Wisconsin should scare the shit out of pollsters: they allowed 31 points to the Citadel, struggled against UNLV, and are either shakier than anticipated or doing the greatest job of sandbagging going into their Big Ten scheduled evarrr.

Pac-10 Split Cometh. Three Pac-10 teams in the top ten is an indicator both of a.) conference strength at the moment, and b.) a sign of an impending split, with either Oregon or Cal moving into the mid to early teens in the next week or two. Cal would be the early suspect, as their victory over Tennessee looks much less impressive than it did earlier while its defense has given up substantial points to both the Vols and Colorado State.

The early returns, though, remain shiny: 13-3 in out of conference play is the Pac-10 in 2007.

Other oddities: Boston College is likely overvalued here, but Matt Ryan is the only sexy name in an otherwise grotty ACC following Tech's wiltage at home (!) against BC; Texas is Wisconsin-shaky right now, even with their charming rhythmic dancing, and likely doesn't deserve the continued faith; we and everyone else voting for them will live to regret the high estimation of Missouri...but not yet; Kentucky is a better team than Louisville by virtue of having a defense; and finally, goooooOOOOOO BRUINS!!!

Wait, they weren't the 44 in the score? Oh, fuck-a-hammer. We quit.

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