Our Blogpoll ballot for week three. Of course we insulted your favorite team.

BTW: pay no attention to the arrows. They're corrections of corrections. Onward!

Rank Team Delta
1 LSU --
2 Southern Cal --
3 Oklahoma --
4 West Virginia --
5 California 1
6 Florida 1
7 Oregon 1
8 Texas 18
9 Penn State 2
10 Georgia Tech 1
11 Rutgers 1
12 Wisconsin 1
13 Louisville --
14 Nebraska --
15 South Carolina 3
16 Ohio State 1
17 Tennessee 4
18 Boston College 1
19 UCLA 3
20 Clemson 1
21 Arkansas 1
22 South Florida 1
23 Georgia 1
24 Arizona State 6
25 Washington 1

Dropped Out: Hawaii (#25).

Notes, apologies, blatant admissions.

We fucked up. Again. What you see above is the slightly more thought out blogpoll ballot we resubmitted after our morning meeting, two cups of coffee, and done with a checklist next to us in a methodical fashion. What you will see under our ballot as tallied this morning is a neglectful piece of trash submitted a minute under the wire pre-coffee on our way to a meeting. Therefore: Texas, we apologize, having left you off completely in a hurry.

This means less to Texas than it might to other teams, since we all know how starving for attention and acknowledgment the Longhorn football program is. But if you see our blogpoll ballot and notice the mistake, save the comment and just call us imbeciles as we are. This would be a correct statement.

As seen on TigerDroppings: the Geauxrilla.

Fear the Geauxrilla. LSU is number one by proof this year. Offensively: they've demolished a decent MSU defense to begin, and then merc'd Virginia Tech's defense in week two, allegedly among the best in the nation. Defensively: reduced Sean Glennon to cinders, which is easy enough, but also crushed VT's run game from the onset. Weaknesses exist--watch their offensive tackles against decent competition for one--but right now they've cleaned the most impressive plate of anyone at the buffet.

South Carolina won, all teams that live by the skin of their teeth, their climb will be slow and steady in the polls. We had them overvalued to begin with, so this market correction is less a matter of punishment, and more one of curbing irrational exuberance about their season.

Rutgers, babeee!!! We've undervalued them, especially in light of their actually playing defense in the Big East. (Even if they allegedly yell "YOU GOT FUCKED UP!" to Navy. Rutgers, have you ever considered replacing Vandy in the SEC? You'd fit right in.) South Florida nudges in following a win versus Auburn, who may or may not suck completely. Their quarterback literally chucks and ducks at this point waiting for the impact of oncoming rushers.

Bullish on the Pac-10, who erased a daunting slate of competition this past weekend. Cal may be too high, but we'll happily hop Florida over them provided they beat Tennessee in fair to impressive fashion this weekend. Oregon earns points for properly euthanizing Michigan, who really was in a lot of pain.

The knot of the SEC: The absolute value of Georgia, Tennessee, and Arkansas are all difficult to calculate right now. For all intents and purposes, they're treading water in this poll and either a.) about to swim, or b.) preparing to drown. If Florida trounces Tennessee, we have this crazy theory that Phil Fulmer will be in serious, malicious trouble. That Nutt guy, though--he could lose by fifty to Alabama and no one would care. Seriously. They love him up there with cuddles and fairy dust and everything.

Dropped: Hawaii. Well, it was Louisiana Tech. Only Mike Dubose loses to La. Tech from big boy football. They didn't lose, but they needed miracles, and that's enough (along with TCU's loss) to frighten us off the upstarts for a week or so. And Colt Brennan only threw for 400 548 yards? DOES HE HAVE CANCER WE WANT TO KNOW?!?!?!

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